Ultimate Content Manager

This Notion Template is designed for content creators or small business owners to plan, outline, and execute content and social media campaigns for their brands.

This template includes:

  1. Partners Database

    • Track affiliates, sponsors, and partnered content to earn an income from your channels.

  2. All Content Database

    • See content organized by status and channel to brainstorm ideas or update published work quickly.

  3. Library Database

    • Build up a library for B-roll, images, or brand assets with these linked library assets.

  4. Channels Database

    • Track one YouTube video or a multi-platform business with unlimited channels and content linking.

  5. Calendar View

    • Get a quick look at your content calendar, schedule ideas, and edit your content in a click.

The Plus Version Includes the following additions:

  1. Additional Templates for social media content

  2. Social Media Strategy (plus version)

    1. Content Pillars (for identifying key focus points for your brand)

    2. Quick Links (with pre-populated and customizable links to your social accounts and social media resources)

    3. Campaign Templates

      • Goals

      • Channels / Platforms

      • Target Audience

      • Content Types

      • Hashtags

      • Metric and KPI Tracking

      • Content Calendar View from your primary Content Dashboard

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