LifeTwo Notion System

If you want a template that will help you use Notion for all of your life this year, LifeTwo is a notion template system designed to keep your notes, tasks, projects, and personal knowledge management in one clean and easy-to-navigate system.

If you're new to Notion, we have a free version for you to try and learn more about using templates and a productivity system like this one. We also sell the pro version with habit tracking, mood tracking, home maintenance tasks, goal setting, and projects built into the dashboards.

The Plus Dashboard with links, quick actions, and associated databases

You will get:

  • Dashboard with unified views (both versions)

  • Master Notes Database (both versions)

  • Areas and Actions Databases (both versions)

  • Journal Prompts (both versions)

  • Habit Tracker (Plus version only)

  • Mood Tracker (Plus version only)

  • Home Maintenance Tracker (Plus version only)

  • Home Cleaning Tracker (Plus version only)

  • Goal Tracker (Plus version only)

  • Ultimate Content Manager (Plus version only)

  • Reset Days, Trigger Lists, and more (Plus version only)

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