If you've been thinking about starting a business or a side hustle, this module is a great place to start. Maybe you're a stay at home mom, a broke college student or newly retired - it doesn't really matter where you are coming from, starting an online business can be overwhelming if you don't know how to begin. This module is about giving you some business ideas and giving you an idea of how much starting a business will cost.

If you've already started an online business, you can probably skim through these lessons, you're on the right track! If you have no idea where to begin, but some extra income sounds nice, buckle in and grab a notebook, we're going to talk about how to get started.

Earning more money online or from a side hustle has opened up new opportunities for my husband and I over the years and it's offered us some financial stability that we otherwise wouldn't have. Anyone can start a business, my goal is to help you do it as effectively as possible.

The Zero Strategy

inbox zero, zero clutter, zero debt

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