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The goal is to hit inbox zero, clear out the clutter in your home and digital life, say goodbye to debt and start a passive income stream that will reduce work, money and time stress. Zero email, zero clutter, zero debt, zero stress. That's the zero strategy for a better life.

This is a place for people to improve their lives, permanently. You can look up tips for starting a business on Pinterest, and you can try to organize your pantry like that one lady on Instagram, but without actionable steps to get you there, most attempts end in a half-hearted system that doesn't hold up.

The zero strategy is meant to give you simple, easy and actionable steps to get you organized and simplify some of the most time-consuming parts of your life. So whether you're a business owner, a first time mama, or a college student - there's something here for you.

H O W   T H I S   C O U R S E   W O R K S

There are 5 modules in this course. The first two are focused on helping you get your life organized digitally - especially those pesky emails. When our digital life is a mess, it feeds into the rest of our lives. Learning how to utilize these apps instead of being overwhelmed by them is how we turn apps into helpful tools.

The third module is about saving money and managing your income, money is a point of stress for most people. You might have piles of debt, no savings or if you lost your job you wouldn't be able to pay rent - no matter what you're struggling with financially, there are ways to save (besides skipping your morning coffee run).

The last two modules are about business. Whether you've considered starting a blog or you already run a full-time online business, earning extra income and finding helpful resources to grow your ideas can be time consuming. These modules give you some great stepping stones to help you find tools that can help your business in the years to come.

The Zero Strategy

inbox zero, zero clutter, zero debt

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